Amazon Firesticks/Other Devices

Compatibility devices: Firesticks/Cube: (2/3rd, 4K, 4kmax, Lite, Gen) (Firecube 1,2,3 Gen) These current devices are fast and perfect for fast streaming Internet protocol television

Andriod Streaming Box

Andriod Streaming Devices: Android 10 T95, Z11 Pro Max, Shield Pro, Shield Pro 2017, Shield Pro 2022, Formuler Andriod Boxes, Onn UHD Box running Android TV11, Dynalink Box running Android, Stream 4K Android TV 11. Pictures are for illustration only this site does not host/stream channels.

Compatible mobile/Tablets

Andriod/OS, Fire Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 - 202, Lenvo, Other models may vary. You will find these devices to run on any private streaming network with no problems.

Iptv For Smart TVS

The our service is compatible with Samsung TVs, JVC Android TVs, and LG TVs. Nanomid Player and the possibility to be able to sideload alternative app! Nanomid Player is one of the best app avaliable which works well for the above smart tvs to run any iptv or private streaming though the Internet.